Custom Printed Tape

Custom Printed Tape Features:

  • Can be used to increase awareness and attention to brand name

  • It is a custom printed tape where we use a white polypropylene tape to highlight and focus on the printed logo, design, or artwork of the customer

  • We are able to tailor to your company needs by being able to print as few as one carton and have the capability to print thousands of rolls

  • Provide permanent or non-permanent marking

Custom Printed Tape Benefits:

  • Well conformable tape that can stick to any uneven surfaces

  • Provides strong tackiness and adhesiveness for outstanding packaging / packing performances and can even provide protection and resistance against external environment

  • Offers excellent print quality, fast turnaround and great value

  • Its lightweight properties makes it easier, flexible, and more convenient to use

Custom Printed Tape Usage:

  • Used in sealing carton boxes, security documents bag, coated BOPP bags, and other general packaging / packing applications

  • Can be used for Labelling and Identifying stock and Brand name

  • For Industrial, packaging, logistic, manufacturing, and other diverse applications

  • Used also for protection purposes against water, heat, UV, cool temperature, and weather conditions