Stretch Film - Black


  • Stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film but also durable at the same time ,

  • Provides good wrapping and bonding strength ,

  • Comes in 500mm, 100mm, die cut sizes, and various sizes ,

  • The film’s elastic recovery is able to keep the goods tightly bound and protected ;

  • wrapping plastic or stretch film or wrap plastic or wrapping roll


  • Ensure Product protection from external damage ,

  • Able to secure loose cartons or goods and ensure Product Stability ,

  • Elastic/stretchable but durable/hard to break ,

  • Wrapping of goods allows increased Work productivity and flexibility ;


  • Used to wrap around commercial or industrial products- e.g. line boxes, packages, pallets, goods, and so on ,

  • Can be used to ensure Product Stability and stack goods ,

  • Film is able to stick together, ensuring protection and tightness to the wrapped goods ,

  • For Industrial, packaging, logistic, manufacturing, and other diverse applications .